Internship in urban agriculture

Botildenborg is a prize winning meeting place and an urban farm in Malmö that uses food and farming as tools to create a more sustainable food system together with Stadsbruk’s methodology

Botildenborg’s internship in urban agriculture is an experiential learning program designed for students, beginning farmers, urban and community gardeners with an interest in applying their knowledge in commercial local food production and entrepreneurship.

Program Duration

8 weeks

Internship Periods

Week 15-23, week 21-29, week 27-35, week 33-41, week 39-47

The application process for the 2021 season is now open.


As the demand for locally and ecologically grown food increases, it’s undeniably more important than ever to also increase the number of local growers around cities.

Our goal is to inspire and train new entrepreneurs in small-scale farming who are interested in being part of the local food movement, and want to contribute to the environmental and socio-economic sustainability of their communities.  

Botildenborg’s internship in urban agriculture is a 8 week experiential learning program designed for students, beginning farmers, urban and community gardeners with an interest in applying their knowledge in commercial local food production and entrepreneurship. We are looking for applicants who Ideally have a vision for how the knowledge and skills developed during the program will fit in with their future goals.


Botildenborg is a prize winning meeting place and urban farm in Malmö. Botildenborg uses food and farming as tools to create a more sustainable tomorrow together with the Social Gastronomy network and has become one of the most innovative places in Europe.

Botildenborg, together with a group of partners have developed Stadsbruk. Its goal is to enable cities to work with urban agriculture on a strategic, city planning and hands-on level resulting in a rising number of local and ecological growers. Botildenborg’s educational farm is a key element in successfully bringing trained urban farmers to the market.

About the farm

Botildenborg’s Farm consists of 1500 m2 of commercial garden plots, 1200m2 of social gardens, and season extension caterpillar tunnels, a greenhouse for summer crops and a shipping container that has been converted to a vertical farm used for Microgreens and seedlings production.


The educational farm is located at Botildenborg, in the heart of Rosengård, the most multicultural neighborhood in Sweden and home to 150 nationalities.


Through an entrepreneurial approach, this program offers intensive hands-on training and real-life experience in small-scale ecological farming. Participants carry out seasonal farming activities ranging from seedling production, greenhouse management, and preparing the farm for full production in spring to planting, harvesting and selling a wide range of culinary herbs and vegetables to clients on a week-to-week basis throughout the summer and fall.

Internship duration

The Internship’s duration is 8 weeks and is offered in the following periods from spring to fall:

Week 15 to 23, week 21 to 29, week 27 to 35, week 33 to 41.

Students are required to attend the farm Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm.

Physical requirement

Please note that our responsibilities in the field are physically demanding and take place in rain or shine. Students are encouraged to apply for the program only if they are comfortable with the physical requirements of farming.

Criteria for selection

The selection committee looks highly upon applicants who can articulate the ways in which the program fits their long-term learning and professional objectives, as well as applicants who have demonstrated experience in or a commitment to organic agriculture and local food systems.

Feedback from our past interns

The organization of the internship is great, it allows you to learn and experiment directly on the farm with a top team, in a friendly atmosphere! You leave inspired, skilled, and with new friends.

Avignon, France

The time with Saba and his team on the farm was meaningful on so many different levels. I got to know a super fun network of people that were doing inspiring work within their community but also on a broader European level. The little fun Fika breaks were also great!

Münster, Germany

The best part was the good atmosphere, listening to music together while working and having lunch together. What I have also learned to appreciate is the exchange with the interesting people who are on the farm.

Münich, Germany

It was a priceless opportunity to learn things from the inside, being treated respectfully, having an opportunity to significantly increase my knowledge on a matter, and being majorly inspired! We had numerous theoretical educational opportunities provided to us by Saba and Cyrille. I recommend it to everyone!

Donetsk, Ukraine

It was a great experience, I think if anyone is interested in setting up their own business or interested in working in small scale agriculture, doing an internship at Botildenborg is a must as you learn so much by doing. I was so motivated after that I now have my own farm outside of Barcelona.

Barcelona, Spain

We worked intensely and efficiently but conducted with so much passion and joy. Botildenborg is a really warm welcoming multicultural energy bubble. I learned so much about farming and business and feel very empowered to pursue small scale farming projects myself in the future.

Stockholm, Sweden

My experience included learning how to grow microgreens, crop rotation planning, installing irrigation systems, harvest estimations and deliveries to restaurants, just to mention a few.
I’m thankful for the trust and including attitude of my ambitious internship supervisor, Saba

Malmö, Sweden

Beginning my internship in the early season was such a valuable experience, and I realized the importance of good planning. By the end of my internship I felt very confident in my abilities to run a small-scale farm. Working at Botildenborg was like being part of a family! Playing good music, laughing and having fika brakes always left me with a smile at the end of the day.

Oslo, Norway

The application process for the 2021 season is now open.

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