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Botildenborg – Sustainable Innovation Center

Botildenborg is a sustainable business and meeting spot located in Rosengård in Malmö, Sweden – an area known for its 150 different nationalities. Botildenborg is a unique place for interaction and integration. 

Through food and farming, Botildenborg makes sure to contribute to social, ecological, and economical sustainability. We create work opportunities, share knowledge and build communities, not only in Malmö but internationally. Botildenborg’s mission is to create the leading arena for sustainable innovations in Europe and through its different initiatives, Botildenborg has become one of the most innovative places in Europe contributing to 13 UN’s Global Goals. Botildenborg hosts a diverse range of activities and projects:


City farming (Stadsbruk)

Together with a group of partners, Botildenborg started the very first Scandinavian incubator for companies engaged in commercial urban farming. Stadsbruk’s method is to enable cities to work with urban agriculture on a strategic, city planning, and hands-on level resulting in a rising number of local, ecological growers. For more information, go to


Growing buddies (Odla kompis) 

Botildenborg uses farming as a tool to encourage social interaction. It is a way for newly arrived families to connect with established Swedes through gardening. 


School Garden (Skolträdgård)

We want the young generation to learn about, respect, and care for food, the soil it grows in, as well as the environment. Because of this Botildenborg invites pre-school children to visit our garden, get to know plants and bugs, and even cook food out in the open. Together with Botildenborg’s pedagogue, we can address topics like global warming and sustainable food production at an early age. 


Botildenborg Work (Växtplats Botildenborg)

Växtplats Botildenborg is a method to find job opportunities for newly arrived migrants by working directly with local businesses, providing education to both employees and the unemployed. 


#myfuture (#minframtid) 

#minframtid is a project created to motivate teenagers to have trust in their future. Together with mentors, they do workshop activities, get coaching, and gets to meet inspirational role models. This way, Botildenborg hopes to contribute to local teens’ self-esteem, possibilities in getting work experience, and future employment. 


Food & Meetings (Mat & Möten)

As mentioned above, every aspect of Botildenborg revolves around food and farming. This is something we are proud of and want to share! Therefore, we offer a variety of meeting and conference solutions, arrange social and interactive cooking activities and invite you to make lunch and dinner bookings at Botildenborg. Our location, with all of its nationalities, inspires us to serve vegetarian, colorful food with flavors from all over the world! Interested in making a visit or book a dinner at Botildenborg? Send an email to


Lena Friblick, CEO, +46 70 985 06 65

Västra Skrävlinge Kyrkoväg 12
S-212 37 Malmö

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