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Botildenborg – Sustainable Innovation Center

The goal of Botildenborg is to create the leading arena in Europe for sustainable innovations. We are located in Rosengård, Malmö, Sweden, an area known for its 150 nationalities. It’s a unique place for human interaction and integration. Our work is focused on the following areas: Job creation, Dissemination of knowledge about a diverse society and sustainability, and Giving people hope.

Botildenborg hosts a diverse range of activities and projects:

Farming without Borders (Odla utan gränser)
The project Farming without borders contains a School garden where children meet and we are able to address topics like global warming and sustainable food production at early ages. Growing buddies (Odla kompis) connects newly arrived families with established Swedes through gardening.

City Farming (Stadsbruk)
Botildenborg has the first Scandinavian incubator for companies engaged in commercial urban farming. Thirty new companies have been started in the last two years around Sweden.

Rosengård Work (Växtplats Rosengård)
Växtplats Rosengård is a method to find job opportunities for newly arrived migrants. By working directly with companies, providing education to both employees and the unemployed. Botildenborg provides job opportunities for 78% of the participants.

#myfuture (#minframtid)
Our newest project #minframtid wants to motivate teenagers to have trust in their future. They will visit companies and the university and meet inspirational role models. The goal of #minframtid is that the teenagers starts to study at high school and become role models for other teens.

Rosengård Cooking (Kryddor från Rosengård)
Food provides a good starting point for discussions and friendship. Kryddor från Rosengård creates job opportunities for women without formal eduction.

Our House

The house Botildenborg has been empty for a long time, but now the house is being revived. In January 2017, the renovation started. Follow our work with the house on Instagram (botildenborg_rosengard) and Facebook.


Lena Friblick, CEO, +46 70 985 06 65

Västra Skrävlinge Kyrkoväg 12
S-212 37 Malmö

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